More Music to Write By

Originally posted on Surrey New Writers Festival:
For my last blog I highlighted (for many of us) the importance of background music when writing or undertaking creative pursuits. And not just any kind of music – Music To Write By. For me, this always means the same thing: classical scores, soft piano music and film…

Return to the MYSTsterious island – part two

Myst (2021 remake) Continuing on from my previous blog, I can now give my thoughts on the recent Myst remake, following a (mostly) enjoyable playthrough. I completed the game over several days, sat at my trusty computer desk while occasionally gazing out at the rainy weather. A perfect setting for such a game. Myst isContinue reading “Return to the MYSTsterious island – part two”

Return to the MYSTsterious island – part one

Myst This weekend sees the release of MYST, a from-the-ground-up remake of the original, iconic game released for early PC and Mac on September 24, 1993. As a die-hard fan of not only Myst – but the arguably superior Riven, along with its many sequels and thrilling tie-in novelizations – I am only too happyContinue reading “Return to the MYSTsterious island – part one”

“Let my armies be the rocks and the trees… and the birds in the sky.”

2019’s Vane, presented by Friend & Foe Games, is a short, artistically driven adventure that takes clear influences from games such as Journey and Ico. Serving as a prologue, the player is plunged into a dramatic lightning storm, experienced through the main character of a young child as the world around him is smashed to pieces, giving clues as to the story beyond. Following the chaotic introduction, the player takes the form of a bird…

Transforming Mars

We are now living through the early days of Artificial Intelligence. The rise of the machines is no longer a dream of science fiction, but a reality with each day that passes. This inevitability brings with it many fears, as well as bringing into sharp focus one of the subjects oldest questions – what does it mean to be human? CAT Interstellar transports you straight into the shell…

From The Beginning

For many, switching on a video game is no more than a source of quick entertainment. However, the evolution of games from the early days of 8-bit graphics and sound to the current world of rich, 3D environments, complete with orchestral scores, has paved the way for a respected form of art. What is ProgContinue reading “From The Beginning”