More Music to Write By

A continuation of my previous blog for the Surrey New Writers Festival…

Surrey New Writers Festival

For my last blog I highlighted (for many of us) the importance of background music when writing or undertaking creative pursuits. And not just any kind of music – Music To Write By.

For me, this always means the same thing: classical scores, soft piano music and film soundtracks. Essentially, anything without vocals which creates atmosphere and unlocks the imagination.

But there is another form of this music which must not be overlooked – game soundtracks. Games have changed and evolved a staggering amount considering the industry is still, to a certain extent, in its infancy. Home consoles and gaming PCs truly took off in the 1990s, which is still just over 30 years ago. It is a small dip in human history – but during that time we have seen games evolve from low-res graphics and bleeps, to mega-budget titles complete with symphonic soundtracks and complex soundscapes.

As a…

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