‘Tis The Season to Be Haunted

You may have noticed that things have been rather quiet over here at Prog.Gaming. That is because I recently started a one year MA in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey.

It has been a very intense term which has sadly left less time for writing blogs. I have, however, started working with the Surrey New Writers Festival, leading up to their festival in May.

You can see my first blog published with them below: an exploration of haunting tales for Christmas. See you in the new year!

Surrey New Writers Festival

A person sitting on a couch next to a christmas tree

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There is something inherently Christmassy about settling down to enjoy a good ghost story at this time of year.

On the surface, this may seem strange when you consider that so much of the Christmas spirit is based around happiness, joy, colour, energy, and childish wonder. Nevertheless, the season can be exhausting for these very reasons, and it often feels cathartic to find a quiet moment to finally sit back on the sofa and lose one’s self in a haunting tale.

Picture the scene as you turn off the overhead lights and let the warm glow of the Christmas tree illuminate the room. The fireplace crackles away as you read, warming your soul as you pour yourself a glass of port and fetch a mince pie. Or if, like most of us, you do not have a real fire, the Netflix fireplace video will do.

The most well-known Christmas ghost…

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Fantasy, Sci-fi and horror writer. Gaming blogger. Heavy metal bassist. Forger of worlds.

One thought on “‘Tis The Season to Be Haunted

  1. Good choices Alex, I like the categorisation of the Dylan Thomas and Joyce as ghost stories.
    They are for me too.


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