I have dedicated most of my life to absorbing the arts; be they literature, music, video games or films.

I originally set up this blog as a chance to explore a genre of gaming close to my heart, which I refer to under the umbrella term Progressive (or Prog) Gaming. It has now evolved to include my own creative works as a writer.

From an early age, I became hooked on all forms of fantasy and science fiction spanning different mediums, as well as music from across the eras. I believe all forms of art are timeless, and we should always look beyond the lens of current fashions and opinions.

My interest in creative writing led me to start work on a full length fantasy novel, The Stone Curtain, which I hope to soon share with the world.

I am also a proud member of Bangover, a thrash metal band focusing on pythonesque humor, with lyrical themes ranging from the importance of dental hygiene, to the life and times of Lawrence of Arabia.

Follow the band below:

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Special thanks go to Chris Myhill, Tom Keville, Jack and Lana Taylor, Lucy Bamber and David Suckling for being my trusted friends and entertaining companions on many progressive gaming sessions.

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