A Slight Re-write…

Hi all, just a quick update to let you know about a few changes to the blog.

Originally, this was set up as Prog.Gaming, exploring my favorite subgenre in the gaming world. However, as many of you know, I also hold ambitions of becoming a published (or self-published) author one day and that my first installment in a fantasy series is nearing completion.

I have therefore decided to re-vamp the site into http://www.AJComley.co.uk with a focus on having an official website that covers all my writing pursuits. Take a look and see what you think! As you can see, the Prog.Gaming section remains unchanged on its own page , however the blog section itself will now encompass a wide range of topics, from literature, to music, to my own thoughts and excerpts.

Thank you for remaining subscribed to the blog and I hope you will continue to support me in the years ahead as I attempt to forge a career in one of the most challenging arenas known to humankind…

Published by A.J. Comley

Fantasy, Sci-fi and horror writer. Gaming blogger. Heavy metal bassist. Forger of worlds.

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